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artkupczynski.com bestcanadianartist.com kupczynskis.com "Kupczynski is a dynamic and powerful painter and his emotion is expressed basically through his intensity of colours. One might say that color is Kupczynski's music." Joseph Merkel Art Critic, Artspeak Magazine, New York, U.S.A. Called 'one of the wild boys of Polish art' by Harold Schonberg of the New York Times, Kupczynski was born in Poland and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and later in Paris. He has exhibited through out Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, including Musee de 10 Ville in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in Miami, Carimor Gallery in New York, Museum of Art in Philadelphia (together with Chagall, Picasso, Miro and Klee), Documenta in West Germany and Atagoyama Gallery in Tokyo. Kupczynski immigrated to Canada in 1971. Today, his work is in private and corporate collections internationally. These include University of Victoria, Children's Hospital in Vancouver, University Hospital in Edmonton, Daon Development, Shell, Esso Resources and Earl's Restaurant chain across Canada. His private collections include Pope John Paul II, Richard Nixon, John Cabot lodge, Pianist Malcolm Frager, Conductor John Williams and the Bronfman Collection. In 2001 Kupczynski returned to Poland for two exhibitions, at the Galeria Forma Colour and the Galeria Prezydenta, both in Warsaw. The next year another exhibition of his work was held at the Muzeum Historyczne, also in Warsaw. Books by and about Kupczynski are 'Journey to the Red Desert' (Canadian Marketing Consultants ltd., 1989), 'Three Hundred Years of Kupczynski' (Art West Publishing, 1994) and 'Kupczynski' Jill Pollack, Flower Valley Press, 1996). He lives in Vancouver with his wife, Eva.